Hesed Heeyoung Lee is an artist, pastor, spiritual director, wife of Jonathan, and mom to Joy and Jayden. Born in Korea, Hesed ventured to America in high school in order to pursue her passion for art and explore more of life.

In America, Hesed discovered joy and beauty in walking through life as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Hesed is a Hebrew word meaning God’s faithful love and kindness. While searching for her identity in her 20’s, God revealed to Hesed that she was God’s Hesed, held in God’s gracious, loving hands.

Hesed is passionate about Christ’s invitation to wholeness, and she desires people to experience healing and freedom through art. She desires to create a place where people can go deeper, where people can be real and honest. Hesed believes that when we slow down and pay attention to God’s beauty in our lives, we will discover that life is full of wonder and surprises.

Art is Hesed’s innate calling. Beauty, creativity, and imagination are God’s gifts that connects humanity to the sacredness of God’s creation and contribute to our wholeness. It is from this connection that Hesed’s art comes alive.

It is Hesed’s hope that her artwork provides a place for reflection. Allow her artwork to take you on a deeper journey within, where you can feel and express emotions often unknown. A place where the Holy Spirit can speak that which cannot be expressed in words. Spirituality involves the wholeness of every part of our being, allow Hesed’s artwork to invite you into this needed spiritual formation practice.

Hesed Space can be a place where you experience God’s lovingkindness, a place where you can find God’s healing and renewal. Hesed’s prayer is for her art to spark your spiritual journey, for the Holy Spirit to draw you into the presence of the Divine Trinity.